Level 1 (no duration) $40
Level 2 (1/2 hour) $50
Level 3 (1 hour) $100
Level 4 (2.5 hours) contact for pricing
Level 5 (2.5 hours) contact for pricing
Category 'A' Paranormal (1 hour) contact for pricing
Category 'B' Paranormal (1 hour) contact for pricing

All payments using my booking system are made using PayPal.

For Level 1, 2, and 3, all payments are made immediately using PayPal.

For Level 4, Level 5, Category 'A' Paranormal, and Category 'B' Paranormal, the client can still use the calendar to schedule if they wish but no payment is due when they use the calendar to schedule:  they will be required to pay later via PayPal transfer to my email address after consultation with me. For bookings outside of normal business hours you must contact me directly.

All times in the booking system will display according to my time zone, which is EST (Eastern Standard Time).  Prior to booking your appointment, please be aware of any time zone difference so that you will know exactly when your appointment is going to take place.  I do my best to ensure that my booking system remains error free when generating appointments.  However, sometimes despite my best efforts, errors might still occur.  If you receive any booking information that does not make sense to you, kindly inform me and I will investigate and fix any potential issues.  Thank you.

Business hours are Monday to Friday 7 pm to 11 pm EST, and Saturday/Sunday 10 am to 5 pm EST.