My name is Dale Sellers.  I am a gifted Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner, Channeler, Claircognizant, Clairvoyant, Paranormal Investigator & Cleanser, and Energy Healer & Shifter.  I have a heart for people and I love working with people.  I’m ready to serve you, assist you, and encourage you!

I have always believed in life after death.  My intuitive abilities have been present since childhood, and I’ve been working as a professional psychic since 2014. My family originates in rural Ontario, Canada.  I was born in Newmarket, Ontario and I’m a father to two wonderful children.  I’ve been spiritually gifted since a young age.  But, like many intuitive people, I succumbed to societal pressure and self-deception, and decided to bury my abilities for most of my life.  Intuitive abilities are often easily misunderstood.  Most people think of psychics and mediums as “special” people who have received a unique gifting that is simply unattainable by normal folks.  The truth is that all people have at least some intuition—a latent and natural “gut instinct” if you will—that can either be ignored or payed attention too.

I have walked a long and challenging path in life.  Many of those challenges arose because I failed to pay attention to my own “gut instincts.”  And yet, a series of life events led me to my own “great awakening.”  What was this “great awakening”?  Simply put, it was learning to accept myself as I am in peace, love, joy, and understanding.  I finally came to the realization that I possess intuitive abilities that I had supressed for far too long; and with diligent and assertive development and training, I become the psychic and medium that I am today.

Our souls have lessons to learn, and we all have a purpose to fulfill in this life—no matter how harsh and difficult things may seem at times.  It is possible to rise above all of the hurt, pain, and sorrow, while remaining fully human.  I consider myself to be very fortunate because I have managed to attain a certain degree of understanding, liberation, and enlightenment.  And, as I have said before:  I have a heart for people.  My purpose is to utilize my skills and gifts to bring enlightenment, liberation, deliverance, renewal, restoration, forgiveness, and freedom to others.  I will not just extend my hands out to help you.  I will give you a “hand up” and a means to carry on positively with your life.

From moment to moment, I will draw from a vast array of techniques and practices that I’ve learned during my time of study, so as to offer unique and exciting interactive sessions that are fully embedded in the human experience.  All of us are connected—to each other, Spirit, God, and the Dimensions, Realms, and Multiple Universes.  Positive improvements in your life send out shockwaves in the form of ripples on the pond of our Universe from which we all can benefit.  You can and do make a difference just by being your true self.  I am capable of guiding you along your journey with the goal of making your journey more happy, joyful, abundant, prosperous, peaceful, loving, confident, wealthy, and successful than it was before.  All positive aspects and aspirations in existence are yours.  I draw from the perpetual and eternal NOW moment.

I have many happy clients who are delighted with the work I’ve done for them.  I am able to bridge the gap between our plane of existence and Spirit by identifying and communicating with Spirit Beings of all sorts that can include but are not limited to Ancestors and Loved Ones; Spirit Guides and Helpers; Guardian Angels; Ascended Masters; Hauntings and Residual Energies; and Negative Entities and Influences.  I provide information and messages of hope and encouragement that are used to uplift you and help you move forward in your life.  I will bring a fresh awareness of the afterlife, as well as details of your past, present, and future circumstances, while providing wisdom, guidance, and confirmation in all matters.  Matters of psychic insight often include relationship concerns; career and finance issues; health and wellness challenges; and spiritual information, counselling, cleansing, and healing.

I work in a variety of modalities that are used to assist you.  I delight in working with individuals and groups; and consider it a privilege to work with Divine Source and Spirit on your behalf.  I enjoy working with people that are truthful not only with me but with themselves; and I have a number of services that are available to assist you.

My internal intentions, desires, and priorities are a constant source of new things that manifests in interesting and exciting ways, constantly altering my external reality!  Allow and permit me to change your reality.  Please contact me to discuss your personal and group requirements.

I have a heart for people.  And I will use my skills and abilities to change the world—one person at a time.

Client Reviews and Testimonies:

"Dale is a very gifted, gentle, and honest psychic and medium.  I knew from the first moment I saw his website that I wanted to work with him.  My session with Dale was very detailed, direct, and informative.  He was able to contact my father who passed and give me a message from him as well as identify a guardian angel who has been with me my whole life.  I felt so much more connected to Spirit after our session.  I would highly suggest him to anyone looking for insight about their future, or to contact their Spirit Guides, deceased loved ones, or to inquire about past lives."--Emily Brennick - Lima, Peru 

"You are absolutely amazing. After our session today (which was eerily accurate by the way) I did a release meditation like you suggested.  I already feel immensely better. I felt a surge of energy immediately after."--Victoria Pascal - Cumming, GA

"Thank you so very much for yesterday’s reading. This was absolutely the best comprehensive reading I’ve ever received. I am thankful and grateful for your incredible gift.  Thank you. I look forward to booking again."--Marigold Stuckey - Tomball, TX

"I have had two readings with Dale and I will say that he was right on target with what is going on in my life.  Dale's reading was very informative and comforting.  I needed validation that I am going in the right direction and Dale definitely provided that.  These readings, for me, were more than I expected in a pleasantly surprising way.  I highly recommend Dale to anyone seeking validation or direction.  Thank you Dale!  I look forward to working with you again."--Stephanie Battisti - New Hyde Park, NY

"Good morning!  I have to share that each time I do a session with you it directs me divinely.  I found the most amazing apartment and it has a pond, and when the man was showing it to me he said in the springtime they will put a waterfall fountain on and it's just gorgeous.  You told me you saw this new apartment that would have a waterfall.  Blessings!"--MaryAnna Nardone - Brooklyn, NY

I will add new client reviews in this section as I receive them.  Check back for further updates!